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1. Hello there

CodeSkills is a gamification plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. It currently supports 20 achievements for Java. Its aim is to improve users' programming skills as well as their fun when doing so.

2. Download the plug-in

3. Requirements

The CodeSkills plug-in relies only on few other Eclipse plug-ins for its successful execution. If you have an up-to-date Java developer version of Eclipse installed, there should be no problems.

4. Installation

To install the plug-in, copy the codeskills.jar to your Eclipse's dropins folder.

5. Running CodeSkills for the first time

The next time you start Eclipse, the plug-in should be succesfully loaded.
Note: If you did not specify a Secure Storage password before, a message will appear that invites you to do so. Don't worry. This is because CodeSkills uses the local storage to save your achievements and points. Just set a password and you'll be fine.

6. Support CodeSkills

Participation is greatly appreciated as there is still a lot to do! Source code and further details are available at the CodeSkills GitHub page.

7. Questions?

There will be an issue tracker at the CodeSkills GitHub page soon.